Online training and study in the field of embedded systems

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Further Education Program in Intelligent Embedded Microsystems (IEMS)

Benefit from the advantages of flexible online training and take advantage of the opportunities for extra-occupational training: The University of Freiburg's IEMS training program passes on current research knowledge and fundamental skills to specialists and managers in industry.
At the interface of computer science, microsystems and electrical engineering, you will learn from leading scientists at the University of Freiburg and acquire skills in a future-oriented field of industry.Learn flexibly and independently: Expand your skills in embedded systems, their fields of application and management in further education courses. Complete your course with a certificate.


Online Scientific Training for Engineers

The demands on companies and engineers are constantly changing. Under the buzzword Industry 4.0, new technologies are pushing their way into the working world and presenting companies with major challenges. Personnel development also plays a key role in further development and shaping the future: interdisciplinary trained specialists with professional experience are an important success factor.

Competence in the field of embedded systems

The continuing education program IEMS promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology between the experts at the University of Freiburg and the specialists in industry with its continuing education offers. With a nationwide unique constellation of an institute for microsystems technology and an institute for computer science as well as a cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, the DHBW Lörrach, the technical faculty of the University of Freiburg offers an ideal environment for the development of interdisciplinary further education offers at a high level.

Competence in the field of further education

Thanks to the focus of further education on online teaching, our offers are particularly well tailored to the needs of working learners. The University of Freiburg is a leader in the field of online lectures and has many years of experience in the field of innovative educational technologies.
An interdisciplinary team of educational and technical experts is working on the evaluation and further development of the blended learning concept. Accompanying research supports the high quality of further education and contributes to successful knowledge transfer.

Our courses in english

Find out more about our courses, which are held exclusively in English and therefore require little or no knowledge of German.